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Adhesives   Adhesives
We offer a wide selection of adhesives for carpet, wood flooring and ceramic tile as well as multipurpose adhesives for all your flooring needs.
Carpet Cushion   Carpet Cushion
We offer an extensive line of brand name manufacturers of Rubber Cushion, Bonded Urethane Cushion and Synthetic Cushion.
Carpet Gripper   Carpet Gripper
We carry top quality smoothedge carpet gripper featuring hardened high carbon nails, needle-sharp pins and high grade three-ply plywood.
Floor Prep   Floor Prep
A properly prepped floor is the first and most important step in floor covering installation. Good floor prep will save you time and money. Shoreline has the latest in patching compounds, self-leveling underlayments, primers, trowels and all other floor prep materials and tools at reasonable prices. We carry the products that have met the demands of the industry in quality and pricing.
Hot Melt Seaming Tape   Hot Melt Seaming Tape
We carry a complete and extensive line of hot melt seaming tape for all types of carpet and carpet backings.
Installation Tools   Installation Tools
Quality tools make every job easier. Shoreline carries a wide variety of carpet grippers, stretchers, rollers, kickers strippers, shearing machines, binders and fringers from the nations top vendors.
Metals and Mouldings   Metals & Mouldings
Shoreline brings you metal and PVC trims, listello, seams, moving joints, carpet metals and skirting. Our comprehensive line of products offers you high performance and good looks at a price you can afford. Our metals and moldings are designed to meet your every need. Click here to see our "Trims/PVC Chart".
Rubber Flooring   Rubber Flooring
Shoreline carries rubber flooring with the performance characteristics that you've come to expect - slip resistance, durability, easy maintenance and unsurpassed color matching. We carry award winning, innovative rubber tile and treading from industry leading manufacturers at affordable prices.
Tile Setting   Tile Setting
Shoreline carries superior polymer grouts to use with all types of tile, slate and granite. Our polymer grouts are available in a variety of colors and are highly resistant to staining and chemical damage.
Vinly Composition Tile   Vinly Composition Tile
We carry vinyl composition tile in a wide range of colors and patterns. These high quality VCT products are durable, resistant to heavy traffic and competitively priced.
Wall Base   Wall Base
We carry vinyl and rubber wall base that incorporates the best designs with the best performance, durability and color compatibility. We carry wall base which is compliant with the latest environmental and ADA safety standards.